World’s first eco-friendly printer system

Toshiba has announced the world’s first eco-friendly Multi-Functional Printer system that can erase images and text on the prints with integrated scan-to-network function, and it is now available in South Africa from PhotoNote.

The system is able to:

- sort paper into reusable and un-reusable sheets at the same time as removing the toner color
- digitize the documents prior to erasing

The erasing speed is 30 A4-size sheets per minute using only the erasing function, or 15 A4-size sheets per minute using the erasing-scanning-sorting function.

Differentiation in eco-printing

Toshiba has always provided multifunction printers with enhanced environmental technology by reducing size and weight and introducing smart energy efficiency improvements. Yet a key cost-saving issue with a positive ‘green’ effect in every office today is “saving paper”. The e-STUDIO 306LP re-usable paper solution opens a window to a new work style in the office environment by encouraging users to re-use paper through the new system and contribute to the 'going green' movement.

Customer & Company Benefits

1. The e-STUDIO 306LP/RD30 allows users to refill their paper tray five times with the same paper!
This has a double advantage for the enterprise:
• paper cost is reduced to one-fifth of the current cost structure
• the company reduces it's ecological footprint and plays a part of in a sustainable future for all

2. Toshiba’s award-winning design team incorporated bio-based plastics into this innovative re-usable paper MFP. Bio-based plastics are made from raw materials extracted from plants, Bio-based plastics are environmentally friendly, producing approximately 20% less CO2 during its production when compared with petroleum-based plastics

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