6 Ways to Save your School Money this Term

World-class solutions and resourceful ways to save your school money.


1. Analyse your printers. Compare your black & white vs colour printing to determine if you are purchasing the correct kind of printer. Pointless having a colour printer, when you only need a black and white duplicator.
2. Keep worksheets and notes saved digitally to avoid unnecessarily having to retype a worksheet - using your time effectively. 
3. Look into smart and effective content-sharing software for your teachers, pupils & classroom e.g Google Drive vs Office 365 vs Dropbox vs your own school server.
4. Revise your school's overall expenditure for printers and copiers - get a better costing and smarter monthly spending by purchasing new copiers and printers. 
5. Make use of our tailor-made packages for all your servicing and maintenance needs. Each client is assessed based on their needs resulting in the most cost-effective solutions.
6. Get audited. Get professional insight on your technology and how to converge costs.


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