Advice: Do you want to upgrade your equipment?

Do you want to upgrade your photocopiers, switchboards, or CCTV, but don't have the capital to spend?

PhotoNote and Quantum CCTV rent ALL their products, and there are some GREAT advantages to renting:




  • May escalate instalments to suit client
  • Capital outlay upfront reduces working capital
  • VAT payable monthly
  • VAT payable upfront
  • Interest calculated on cash price before VAT
  • Interest lost over period as cash paid upfront that could have enjoyed an interest return of its own
  • 100% tax deductable
  • Deductable by depreciation via balance sheets annually
  • Operating expense in the income statement
  • Appears in the financials as an asset
  • No CAPEX approval required
  • CAPEX approval required for purchase of equipment
  • Not governed by budgets
  • Governed by the company budget
  • No deposit necessary
  • Capital outlay upfront
  • Improves "equity ratio", "current ratio" and "return on assets ratio" on financial ration analysis
  • Has to be capitalised
  • Software, installation and control cards can be included into a rental
  • N/A
  • Option to upgrade equipment is available free of additional VAT on original equipment and if the same supplier is used for new equipment, a preferential discounted figure is given - effectively this is a substantially higher "trade-in" amount
  • Very little / no value is attached to trade-in or secondhand equipment after a period of +/- 3 years and therefore capital would effectively be lost when new equipment is purchased. No return on capital would be recognised.

For more information and a free quote to upgrade your equipment, contact Lisa: 031 583 8500 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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  • Sharecall: 086 011 0086
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