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With Businesses and Schools everywhere thinking about how they might ensure growth in 2017, and considering ways to maximize efficiency and reduce overheads, the solution to reducing printing costs is not just to print less, but actually to print smarter. Fortunately, when it comes to printing smart in 2017, PhotoNote has a range of cost-effective solutions designed to help your company cut down on its printing overheads for the year ahead.

Cost-effective cloud printing

Many are predicting massive things for the cloud in the year ahead. Forester Research Institute claims, “The cloud market will accelerate significantly in 2017 as enterprises around the world look to cloud to power their core business systems.”

Cloud printing is a key part of the cloud revolution. The cloud allows for large-scale collaboration, so it is important that your company is equipped with printing solutions that can allow you to make the most of this. PhotoNote has the cloud management software that can help you save valuable time when managing documents in the cloud.

Instead of manually uploading scans and downloading documents from cloud services, this cloud management software lets you connect directly from your multi-function printer. You can use the Multi-Function printer tablet-like interface to manage files from your cloud service without the need for additional servers.

It’s the right time for the right tools

There are multiple ways PhotoNote can help businesses succeed with their goals for 2017. No matter if your company or school is out to reduce waste, improve performance or promote growth, PhotoNote’s wide range of printing tools and product line up provides plenty of assistance on all fronts.

Get smarter – Get PhotoNote!

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