At PhotoNote we are committed in our efforts to be as green as we can be and so here are a few tips on how to make your office greener

1. Recycle

One of the easiest, least demanding ways to go green is to recycle. Set up a few colourful recycling bins around the office to encourage people to properly dispose of paper, aluminium, plastic, glass and other items. You should also set up separate bins for items such as batteries and ink cartridges.

2. Go easy on the paper

Printers are popular machines in an office, which also makes them a hub for waste creation. In order to conserve as much paper as possible, set them up to print out everything two-sided. Not only will it save paper, it’ll also make people think twice about what they’re sending out. Refrain from printing things that could easily be read on a computer, tablet or smartphone, such as emails. Why not try our Eco Copier from Toshiba.

3. Use green products

If possible, see what office supplies and electronics can be replaced with eco-friendly products. Energy Star is a popular resource for workplaces looking to go green, because it certifies and promotes products that are extremely eco-friendly. Easy green alternatives include bamboo pencils, recycled printer paper, LED light bulbs for desk lamps and more. Related energy efficiency pro tip: Always shut down your computer, monitor and other devices when you leave for the day.

4. Give the kitchen a makeover

One way to stop waste in the kitchen is to cut down on plastic material and instead stock up on reusable dishware, such as plates, bowls, mugs and utensils. That way, it’ll encourage people to either reuse the same cup all day or bring in their own permanent kitchenware. If your office is just too big to avoid using disposable cutlery, opt for items that are biodegradable. When not in use, unplug microwaves, toasters, coffee makers or any other similar items. For those who bring their lunches to work, pack them in a reusable bag.

5. Travel in (eco) style

Whenever possible, try carpooling to work with a buddy or two. You’ll reduce air pollution and save money on gas. According to the EPA, ditching your car for two days per week will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 1 600 pounds (725kg) per year.

6. Form a sustainability team!

What use are all these tips if nobody’s keeping tabs? Appoint a few office members to create a sustainability team. That way, someone will always make sure your co-workers are upholding the greenest of practices. Bonus points if they come up with games that turn eco-friendliness into fun, office-wide competitions.

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