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Custom printing solutions

PhotoNote offers a variety of tailormade print solutions designed to increase business productivity and reduce costs, while providing a low total printer cost of ownership. All of our custom printing solutions offer an effective mix of quality, reliability, performance and value to help you optimise your processes by combining our cutting-edge technology, customised service and unrivaled support.

Multifunction Printers

MFPs are truly the hub of any successful business or institution. Print, copy, scan and fax from one device or create an integrated system of multiple devices with multiple functions, security features and access levels. Reduce downtime, improve workflow and save money.

Photonote prides itself on being able to offer a wide variety of different brands and models thereby enabling our expert sales consultants to correctly advise you on the right machine to suit your particular needs. A few of the brands that we can supply are: Toshiba, Olivetti, Lexmark, Ricoh and Konica Minolta.

At Photonote we are always striving to be innovative and to this end we offer prospective clients a full audit assessment on their current printing and copying equipment and costs free of charge and without obligation. As a result of the audit, we are often able to offer new and technologically up to date equipment and systems that have the effect of improving efficiency in the relevant area of our client’s business, whilst at the same time saving the client money. Our aim is for us to take care of your printing and copying needs so that you can take care of your business!

Desktop Printers

PhotoNote understands that not all businesses have high volume print requirements or do not require MFP’s that copy and fax. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of desktop printers. Simply give us a call and we will provide you with the best solution for you or your business.

RISO Duplicators

RISO digital duplicators do not use toner for printing and hence are not fitted with heated rollers (used in laser printers and photocopiers to melt toner particles and fuse them to the paper). They also do not require warm-up time when turned ON, contributing to energy conservation. Further to this, the high printing speeds reduce electricity consumption time.

We understand the conflict faced by business in balancing the need for a printing solution that reduces operating cost against growing concern for the environment. Innovation and environmental concerns no longer have to be mutually exclusive objectives: The Riso range of products are designed with patented, cutting-edge technology that delivers incredible performance at a fraction of the cost, time and energy consumption involved with conventional printing technologies.

Riso have also recently launched their revolutionary Comcolour range which combines powerful, high-speed performance (up to 150 pages per min) with low running costs, increased productivity and reliability, for superior performance.

Device and Print Management

With Photonote’s Device Management software you can increase office efficiency and achieve consistent high productivity of all your document output devices as a result of real-time fleet monitoring. You can also proactively monitor all devices on your network in order to observe and manage consumable and device errors.

Our Papercut software allows you to track analyse, allocate and recover the cost of every document sent by employees to any network printer, copier or multifunctional device. Copying and printing are controlled according to your own pre-determined print policies and our innovative document release solution prevents confidential information being left unattended at communal print facilities by holding documents in a secure server and outputs them only when users authenticate themselves at the printer of choice.

Document Management and Workflow Solutions

PhotoNote provide tools that allow you to capture, route, store, manage, and archive your unstructured data in a very secure way. We’ll analyze and assess security for your devices, access to those devices and documents. Then, we’ll help you implement a plan so you can rest assured your business will be safe and secure.

With our workflow solutions to capture, file, share and store documents more efficiently, you can streamline and improve document intensive processes by effectively distributing information that is needed across your organization. Our collaboration solutions can help you create powerful print communication and electronic documents for cross-channel messaging while integrating with existing workflow processes.

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