A Niche in Education

PhotoNote has everything your educational institution requires to make the essential move from the old system of chalkboards and paper into the present technological age of learning. Let PhotoNote revolutionise your teaching methods with the use of ingenious technology:
  • Interactive whiteboards, projectors and educational software
  • iPads, desktop computers, tablets & laptops
  • Multifunctional copiers and stand alone printers
  • Riso Duplicators
  • Switchboards
  • CCTV Solutions
  • Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions and software
  • Servers and cloud hosting
  • Networking
  • Innovative and cost-effective finance packages

We pride ourselves on not only offering these cost-effective solutions, but also managing, supporting and servicing the hardware, integrated data solutions, interactive whiteboards and software.

PhotoNote, with its comprehensive services and intricate understanding of a school’s requirements gained from many year of experience, has proudly become one of the largest IT / office equipment suppliers to schools in South Africa.

We all know that schools have extensive printing requirements and so a few years ago PhotoNote, with input from respected educators, introduced a one cost per month unique rental plan catering specifically for schools. The plan covers the cost of equipments and also includes service, spares, consumables and the cancellation of existing contracts. This has been very well recived and is working very successfully in many schools.

PhotoNote also believes very strongly in supporting the schools that support us and we enjoy many mutually beneficial “partnerships” with our valued school clients.

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Our Technical Division provides reliable support and back-up. Our technicians are specialists in their respective fields and offer only top quality service.

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