RISO recently launched its new ComColor+ range.

The evolution continues, pushing the boundaries of office printer capabilities. The world’s fastest printer, the new ComColor+ heightens efficiency while lowering costs. It’s also loaded with an array of easily scalable features. Expand in-house printing operations with the ComColor+. Now more powerful and capable than ever.

RISO provides a wide range of accessories ready for the massive processing capacity of the ComColor Series. These effectively support many different processes, such as paper feeding, stapling, punching, binding while shortening work time and reducing outsourcing and personnel costs. Simple and reliable automatic operation minimizes errors associated with manual operation.

Maximize the ComColor’s high-speed printing performance with an in-line bind system for on-demand book printing. RISO’s Perfect Binder system drastically reduces production time by combining and automating all functions of book printing and finishing. Provides increased efficiency and is cost-effective for both short runs and high volume production.

The RISO Mailing Solution is made up of the company’s ComColor 9150 high-speed inkjet printer and the unique in-line Wrapping Envelope Finisher. This convenient in-line mailing solution handles mail production from Host to Post, with minimal intervention. The Mailing Solution can print and address an envelope form and enclosures, fold the enclosures, create an envelope from the printed form which is wrapped around the enclosures, and seal the envelope in-line to produce a finished mail piece. This ground-breaking solution streamlines the steps of mail production, reducing labour hours and capital investments for further savings.